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Week of April 29, 2024 - Latest KB Articles and Known Issues

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19 days ago

A set of Knowledgebase Articles published last week is listed below. All KBAs can be searched via Global Search on the Support Portal and filtered by various components like product release.

KBA Title

Portal Link and KB Number

Can I invite a colleague to view my RC Reports? 14229
Can I send RC Reports to Slack or other Notification Channels like Email? 14230
How can I Send Historic Log Files - Is there a CLI for log upload? 14228
Where do I find log collectors for Zebrium 14227
Does Zebrium SaaS Support Single Sign-On (SSO) 14226
How do I know if my Logs are Being Received by Zebrium? 14224
I forgot my password. How do I reset? 14225
API request to /api/data_performance or /api/data_performance_raw REST API endpoints returns null for the total_matched even though it returns records 14166
Currently the Agent does not report ext3 filesystem types by default 14077
Null availability for Device Service Business services 14122
[MINOR] "DCM+R Rebuild" process can hit MemoryError issue due to the amount of data to process when obsolete relationships are not removed 14139
[Restorepoint] - How to Gather the Install Log (rpinstall) from a Restorepoint Appliance 14043
How to disable GraphQL Introspection? 14087
Will Cherwell CMDB be compatible with PowerFlow v.3 14035
Updated 19 days ago
Version 1.0
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