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Week of June 24, 2024 - Latest KB Articles and Known Issues (Part 1 of 2)

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7 days ago

These are the new or updated Knowledge Articles and Known Isses published last week.

                                              Title Portal Link and KBA Number
Powerflow: Unable to upgrade Syncpack in PF v2.5.0 or earlier KB14433
Upgrading PowerFlow 2.2 to any Version above where SL RPM Public Key is Required KB14688
When running VMware Dynamic Application Virtual Machine Configuration an error is seen KB14679
[MINOR] Device Utilization Reporting incorrect values after OL8 migration KB14715
All devices stop monitoring on a single collector KB14726
How to clear SL1 System Cache KB14724
Troubleshooting MariaDB Upgrade Issues KB13941
How to identify if an SNMP Trap is reaching a Collector? KB14663
Can a collector run digitally signed scripts on Windows Device? KB14576
EM7 Core: Remote Toolbox is backlogged by XXX entries: KB14669
[MINOR] Cisco: CUCM Cisco Unified Communications Manager v113 "Column 'entry_id' cannot be null" KB14667
[MINOR] Upgrading to VMware PP v308 vCenters on v6.7 and lower no longer discovered KB14700
SL1 backups fail to complete to S3 bucket in AWS KB13908
How are Security cases handled? KB14727
Powerflow error connecting to SL1 database (MUD Deployment) KB13907
Powerflow Integrations Device sync failed with couchbase.exceptions._TimeoutError KB9983
Receive Error "Error during upload" when importing a PowerPack KB14677
Multiple potential errors on TEMP_* database file KB9095
[CRITICAL] Suppressed devices are not adhering to the suppression rules and are generating events randomly KB14714
[CRITICAL] Event Suppressions stop working when suppression is done on a device group after an upgrade to 12.1.0 and 12.1.1 release KB12176
snmptrapd hidden configuration file not processed KB14594
Is it possible to set a custom NTP Server for my SL1 appliances? KB14689
After OL8 conversion phonehome collectors are not connecting to New Primary database KB14586
phd service crashing of DB after OL8 conversion KB14666
After applying the hotfix in KB article 13360, all the components under my VCenters have vanished KB14713
Getting "Could not find file with ID xxxx in the filestore" error when importing 12.1.1 system update KB14579
Custom Python 3 Library Shows As Python 2 After Import KB14578
[Minor] ECDSA keys do not work with the credential tester but are valid for the Linux Base Pack KB14549
[MAJOR] VMware devices not reporting availability correctly KB13360
Concurrent PowerShell collection related FAQ KB14558
What URL should I use in the credential for my Aruba Central Monitoring? KB14587
Backup fails on Windows NFS server - Permission denied KB14664
Can I shrink a SL1 database? KB14699
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