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17 days ago

2024 Customer Success Honoree Award Winners

Any community whether online or in person is a place to share and learn. As leader of Customer Advocacy, my role too encompasses sharing the voice of our customer in many formats in order for our peers to thrive from this knowledge.

In case you missed it, we recently launched our ScienceLogic 2024 Customer Success Honorees - an awards program recognizing those who have made significant progress in a specific area, and have been an integral champion for SL1 success. I wanted to share with you these wonderful advocates, our finalists, in the hopes it inspires you to share your stories of success with our new Nexus community!

Stay tuned for our upcoming 2024 Innovators Awards, an application-based awards program celebrating and recognizing customers and partners who are leading the charge in digital transformation, operational excellence, innovation, and business impact utilizing SL1 in innovative ways. Applications are opening early June! 

Read more in our CS Honoree eBook.

Congratulations to each of our 2024 Honorees! 👏💣

If you're interested in telling your SL1 story, please reach out to me, and join our Pathfinders customer advocate program.

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