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24 days ago

IT in Motion Podcast - We're Looking for You!

Calling on our Nexus Community:


What is it?

IT in Motion is ScienceLogic’s dedicated podcast channel showcasing a myriad of guest speakers and featured topics. Hosted by Josh Abraham and Patrick Hubbard, IT in Motion identifies trends, tips, experts, and practitioners in IT that solve for an ever changing transformation in technology.

Who is featured?

Customers, partners, employees, and industry experts

Who is the audience?

Technology gurus, IT leaders & practitioners, and ScienceLogic champions

How long are the episodes?

Typically, episodes featuring one guest are approximately 20-30 minutes long.

How long after shooting does it air?

It varies dependent on editorial calendar availability and timing.

What does the commitment look like? All in, it’s about a 2 hr time commitment.

  • 30-min prep call to discuss topics, types of questions, shoot expectations, episode timing
  • 1 hour video shoot via a (Zoom-like) platform called Riverside.
  • Review of edited content and promo copy
  • Media release form and appropriate approvals
  • Publish podcast

How and where are these promoted?

We will promote across our main channels: Podcast channel, Social (LinkedIn, Insta, Twitter, Facebook), In the Know quarterly customer newsletter, our Nexus Community, and more!

How will this benefit me?

With featured spots dedicated to customers and partners, we’re providing a platform to share your personal and professional expertise on a specific subject matter, interesting tidbits about technology professionals, and a way to fuel your social media platforms and further showcase your success as a thought leader in the industry.

Other customers who have participated in IT in Motion:

Where do I sign up?

Reply your name in this post if you're interested or direct message to get started.

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