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2 months ago

Welcome to the Community Information Discussion Forum

We would like to welcome you to this forum where you can participate in open collaboration and meaningful discussion about the Nexus Community. 

The purpose of this area is to foster collaboration about community related topics, find resources and share feedback.

We hope you look forward to participating in these discussions and contributing to the community. 

Cheers to fostering connections, sharing insights, and driving the future of AIOps together. 

The ScienceLogic Community Team

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  • Looking forward to seeing how the community comes together.  

    Would you consider adding a community to talk specifically about Powerpacks? ScienceLogic can add material by creating a topic when a new Powerpack or Powerpack version is released, and I could then see discussion in those topics regarding implementation success or challenges.  Just an idea!

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      Thank you for the suggestion! While we do have such information included in the Support site notifications, when we go General Availability with this community next week we will be launching a refreshed PowerPack User Group and will be sure to invite you to participate. We are excited to hear your ideas and get feedback to enrich this offering.

  • Hi I'm confused as to whether this Ideas Hub in Nexus is separate to the general Ideas Hub on the support website - do we re-log our ideas here and seek more upvotes? What happens to the ideas we've already logged on the support site, can you clarify the approach please?

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      Hello, and thank you for this feedback. The Ideas Hub in the support portal has been retired as a part of this community relaunch. We migrated the ideas to the Nexus Community with the exception of ideas that were closed or delivered. If you have a list of ideas you had previously posted please email me at directly so we can help reconnect you with them.  We are also posting new guidelines this week. Thank you for your patience as changing platforms is always a bit challenging. My colleague patmcclain will also be assisting with this. Sara Leslie- Community Manager

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        Thanks Sara can you post your email or message through Nexus Hub inbox? the link in the message is just to, and Pat's email too?