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25 days ago

Feature request - BROADCOM BES-53248-B.

Hello All

Our customer's installed new switches for their storage and they want to backup them throught restorepoint, unfortunately they don't appear in the list of configurable devices. 

The switch model is BROADCOM BES-53248-B.


I can provide documentation if needed

Can you please ask Restorepoint to add them, the way to backup is similar to Cisco but with slightly different commands so it shouldn't be difficult to adapt.



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  • You can currently request new plugins via a support case

  • I did (Ticket 00444866) and they tell me to come here...

  • Hello Tabard, First let me apologize for the back and forth here. There have been updates to procedures and tools since the launch of Nexus and some teams are still synchronizing and adjusting. With that said- I will send you a PM to offer personal assistance with this. 

    I think they sent you to Nexus because this is a GREAT enhancement idea and it absolutely belongs in the Ideas Hub for customers to see, vote on and for you to work directly with appropriate product team member. 

    The ideas hub is only accessible to existing customers. So after you log in you can see it in the top Nav or as a Category on the home page. 

    Cheers, Sara