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22 days ago

Hello :) from Power Hour attendees

SaraLeslieAdmin  I enjoyed the Power Hour, please pass on my thanks to the presenters. 

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  • Ditto, quite informative and interesting, thank you.

    i also was not aware of the nexus side, thank you for sharing

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      So happy you could join the Power Hour event. Thank you for logging in and I will pm you so you can get some Nexus Swag. Have a great day!!!

  • Thank you for joining- we will be using some of the Q&A to build out content for this forum. Please add any additional questions you come up with and we will address them. I will pm you to get some swag sent over to you!!!


  • By the way- we are always looking for feedback regarding Power Hour and other Topics of interest! If you have some ideas please share them.