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31 days ago

Access to SL1 and RP AMI's to automate AWS Provisioning

We're in the process of developing pipelines to provision and configure all our resources in AWS on a per client basis.  Among these resources are the SL1 collector and RP agent. 

Right now in order to request the AMI for SL1 we need to fill out the form at after authenticating via the webpage.  Because of the login flow this has proven difficult to pass through the right information to authenticate and access the AMI request form where we can pass the form data to request the AMI on our AWS account.  I understand this is probably not a common case, but has anyone come across a way to accomplish anything similar?  The best I've been able to do so far is use Selenium to manage a browser logging in and navigating to the form page, but it doesn't lend itself well to the pipelines.

For RestorePoint it seems like we still need to submit a case and request the AMI from support.  Is there any plans to add this to the same request form for the SL1 AMI's?

For now we're alright sticking to the manual effort of requesting AMI's, but it would be nice to be able to click a button and be done with provisioning :).

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