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29 days ago

Azure monitoring and integration with CMDB

When gathering information from cloud stuff, or actually doing whatever with cloud staff you most often need the object's ID, that long hexastring. That same ID is also most used identifier and required information when trying to sync those cloud "devices" into ServiceNow CMDB. The issue is that SL1 Azure PP does not gather that information too much, one device class that we have so far found it is those actual VMs in cloud. But one could say that those are the only "devices" where it is easily found.

So my question is, how you have planned, or done, the CMDB integration of Azure cloud stuff. Or have you done any automation from SL1 to Azure, because also there one always(?) need that object ID.

I could have written also an Idea for this, but at least for me, Nexus does not support my ideas.

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  • Thank you for your query and feedback. I will contact you directly regarding the Ideas area, we have revamped the program and are working through some platform configurations. I see a couple of ideas from you in Queue, we are working on the access/visibility for ideas in the initial review status. I will also keep an eye on this post to make sure someone addresses it. Best, Sara