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2 months ago

Configuration Recovery - SL RestorePoint

Hello all, I just had this question posed to our team regarding config recovery. 

"Do you have any way of retrieving the configs for switches that have been deleted from SLRP please?"

Is there a way to retrieve a backup of RestorePoint (and maybe restore to a temp location) from a specific point in time? 

If anyone has any advice or previous experience with this SL RestorePoint scenario, your input would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Hi - thank you for sharing.  

    This is possible if an Auto Export policy is being used to push configs to an external file server.  Note that this cannot be performed retroactively, as when a device is removed from Restorepoint, that device's configs are removed as well.  

    For this scenario in attempting to retrieve a specific config from a device that has been previously removed, I would recommend creating an export policy with the "New Versions" policy type selected.  Choosing this option would ensure that all configs (even for removed devices) are stored on the external file server no matter the retention policy that is set in the Restorepoint appliance.  

    I hope this helps answer your question.  Thanks, JB

  • Thank you for sharing your question, 

    I stepped back to see if any other customers had feedback for you. I am consulting internally to see what feedback or other experiences we can gather from previous customer requests. In the meantime- I will also invite you to our RestorePoint Customer User Group so you can collaborate directly with others using this product. 

    Best, Sara