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18 days ago

Custom Reportwith SL template

Can we have option to pull the monthly report for Minimum, Maximum and  Average usage for CPU and Memory . I have tried and pull the same by using template “Device Top Metrics”   Request you to please check and help .

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  • Hello Prem,

    Currently, we do not appear to have an out of the box report that provides Min, Max and Average normalized data at the same time for multiple metrics. The out of the box reports can only do 1 normalized data type at one time. 

    You can develop a report that will do this for you. The documentation that covers this is Overview of Report Development ( If you require assistance with creating a custom report, then please reach out to Professional Services, who will be able to assist with the creation of the report to fit your business needs.

    Antonio Andres

    Senior Technical Support Engineer | ScienceLogic

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      Hello Premrajure14,

      perhaps you can generate an AP2 dashboard vs a report. If thats an option - then utilize the AP2 training material to help guide you and remember is always available and as you likely know - HELP is available from most all SL pages. 

      The benefits of a dashboard approach is it able to change date ranges on the fly, if you need this for many consumers you can make it once and share it many times, and a user can then print right from the dashboard page on the date range they choose. 

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