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22 days ago

Event for Windows System Uptime

Hi - I would like the use the system uptime to create an event for a Windows server reboot.  The Windows Server PowerPack seems to collects this value but can't find an event that uses system uptime.  Is it possible to create an event if the server has not been up for a time period like 15 minutes.

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  • Thank you for your post to the Nexus ScienceLogic Community.  You should see the event policy "Poller: Device or agent recently restarted" triggered when the system uptime is less than 5 minutes.  The Microsoft: Windows Server PowerPack populates the same uptime database field as Internal Collection and it's the Internal Collection related event policy that gets triggered.

    If you are not seeing that event triggered when a server is rebooted, then please open a support case.  We'll need to troubleshoot why it isn't being triggered.