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10 days ago

Expansion of groups

Would like to see ScienceLogic consider the expansion of groups beyond (Device Groups) to include:

Site Groups - a distinct site or location which may contain many devices matching a dynamic expression, a location-based attribute (for example lat/long), a portion of the device name, or also include static members.   For example, all devices with an attribute or name match of site ID = 1382 are part of site  Pekin, Illinois, US.

Interface Groups - group of interfaces, for example, all interfaces matching a parent device name portion of name or description, or other set of conditions / expressions.   For example, all interfaces with "wan" in the name should be in the WAN Interfaces Group.

Collection / DA Groups - group of collections across various devices by expression/condition.  For example, all IP SLA tests with "TEAMS" in the test tag name.


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    This probably is better suited as an Idea in the Ideas Hub section. 


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    You could do this with a custom attribute with the long/latitude and site name.  Then use a dynamic device group to pull based on the site name.  We used a program to call graphql/api to load the data.  Then we use the long/late to create google maps to site click through to a dashboard.  We wanted to take to the rack but customer didnt want it.