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11 days ago

Extended Architecture

Hi All,

I would like to know about the extended architecture in detail , the agent is connected to streamer .  How the streamer works on High availability on over the K8 ? Can we have two streamer url  if one is not working the agents communicates with other during planned maintenance or outages ?



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    Thanks for the reply Savage ErickBurgess  , if i am doing the streamer upgrade how to make the service up all time without the impact , whether it is somewhere mentioned in document on this process?

  • Hello Issac,

    The agent only supports one streamer URL.  The Extended Architecture provides the redundancy.  Beyond the information already provided by Savage, 2 Load Balancers are usually deployed so that isn't a single point of failure.



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    Hello Issac

    Generally speaking the way it works is the streamer service which is a pod inside Kubernetes cluster is configured to have multiple pods running. This will be generally distributed across the kubernetes cluster nodes . So for example if you have 3 nodes inside the cluster if 1 fails you have other nodes inside the cluster still running the streamer service/pod and or once the cluster identifies the pod has gone offline it will then start the service on another node inside the cluster if for some reason all your streamers or on a single node.