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2 months ago

Grafana integration with SL1

Hi All,


 There is any possibility to expose the performance data with Grafana from Sceineclogic for dashboarding 

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  • Issac ScienceLogic is currently building an interface which would support Grafana, and other dashboarding / reporting options.  I would really enjoy scheduling some time with you to understand the data you are trying to access, and your use cases. I will send you an email where we can figure out a good time to have a conversation. 


    Jason Keck (ScienceLogic Product Manager)

  • SL1 does not provide a direct integration with Grafana nor am I currently aware of any custom integrations to to that affect. SL1 does provide both a REST API and a GQL API both of which provide access to collected performance and configuration data. If you have any experience with plug-ins and would care to share your experience that information would be great to share in this forum.

    Furthermore, as we continue to evolve SL1's native dashboarding utility would you mind sharing a few of the high in demand grafana dashboarding features that may be behind this inquiry?

  • Thanks for this query, I am doing some research with the team and will come back to you with updates within the next 2 business days. 

  • Issac Hello! I'm curious to learn more. Were you envisioning Grafana reading directly from the SL1 CMDB or pulling data out of the CMDB to another store (with Grafana on top)?

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      Basically i need Grafana top over the sciencelogic performance metrics which is collected and stored