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2 months ago

How do I activate a catalyst to achieve superior IT automation?

IT leaders have long recognized automation’s key value in accelerating IT incident response and eliminating downtime. Unfortunately, the challenge of diagnosing modern, complex IT stacks often frustrates teams attempting to realize automation’s full potential. Fortunately, recent innovations in Generative AI can help.   

From advanced ITSM process automation to one click issue remediation, generative AI is the catalyst. It accurately advises you on what happened, recommends resolution actions, and takes the most effective action for you. But only if it’s part of an end-to-end AIOps platform.  Listen in with industry expert and principal analyst Carlos Casanova for a conversation on automation, generative AI, and trustworthy machine insight. You’ll learn how to leverage AI to break through barriers to increased IT productivity and lower downtime. 

Watch On-Demand: AI/ML: Activating Catalyst for Superior IT Automation 

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