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2 days ago

Upgrade SL1 user interface - AP2 Espresso does not support Aurora3 in AWS environment (SaaS)


We would like to upgrade SL1 user interface AP2 to latest "Espresso" 8.7.37-107 version for our ScienceLogic SL1 environment in SaaS environments.

However the release note:

explicitly mentions: NOTE: The AP2 Espresso RPM file does not support Aurora3 in an AWS environment.

We do not see this constraint in earlier versions of "Doughnut" 8.6.30-103 and "Croissant" 8.5.7-56.

Does anyone have info on support for newer AP2 in AWS environment for SaaS and what the way forward is?

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  • The SL1 platform will not support Aurora3 until the upcoming 12.1.2 and 12.2.2 releases. It is true that the AP2 "Espresso" release does not support Aurora3, however the upcoming AP2 "FrenchToast" release will support Aurora3 as well as support install on a 12.1.2 SL1 platform. The AP2 "FrenchToast" release is to become GA in close proximity to the GA of SL1 12.1.2