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31 days ago

Version information for PowerPacks

Is it possible to share a complete overview for all the available Powerpacks in the group PowerPack Release Notifications?

For instance weekly an update with the new releases (current way of working) and once in the month or bi-monthly an aggregated overview. With one complete overview it becomes easier to compare all your stacks with the lasted released powerpack and implement where needed.


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  • I would also suggest using the PowerPacks & SyncPacks Download area on the Support Portal.  By using the Table view and sorting by Release Date, you'll get the complete list of everything released and when.  You can also use any of the filters (Solution, Type, Vendor, Category or Support Status) to narrow in on your specific need.

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      Any location will work. It should be easy to get a complete insight but also exportable (copy/paste) to support an automated solution.

  • This should already exist. The PowerPack Updates Notification PowerPack uses an RBA to hit an endpoint and get information about all powerpacks available on the portal and compare it against what's installed on your system.

    You can just look at the endpoint this RBA uses to see a list of the latest PowerPack versions


  • Hello and thank you for this post- I am forwarding this to the team who works with PowerPacks for a response to this request. Best Regards, Sara