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Leverage SL1 More Effectively by Earning a Certification!

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25 days ago

Advance your career by certifying your expertise on the core of the future of Autonomic IT

We are thrilled to announce that our new ScienceLogic certification paths are now available for our customers and partners.  

The new certifications align with ScienceLogic SL1 version 12.1/Golden Gate and cater to the expressed needs of our valued customers, ensuring that our training meets your evolving requirements.   

Whether you're a current ScienceLogic customer or new to our platform, we encourage you to embark on these refreshed certification paths.   

Benefits of ScienceLogic Certification 

Dive deeper into the most relevant content aligned with optimal business outcomes. You will learn how to fully leverage the power of the SL1 platform to efficiently monitor and automate your IT estate. Gain insights into the latest functionality of 12.1, including PowerPacks, Guided Discovery, Device Investigator, and Event Insights.  

Select Your Path

Professional Certification:  

  • Recommended as foundational learning for all users of SL1 and as a prerequisite for the Expert Certification  
  • An enhanced standalone certification for SL1 Operators  
  • Covers topics such as data collection, event handling, and SL1 navigation

Expert Certification: 

  • Recommended for Administrator roles and advanced SL1 users  
  • Designed with Administrators in mind, you will acquire the skills needed to optimize the capabilities of SL1 
  • Covers topics such as dynamic applications, run book automations, administration, and business services 

  • Recommended for Administrator roles and advanced SL1 users 

How to Enroll 
1. Click here to log in or register for your certifications.
2. For more details, access our SL1 Certifications Overview.  

What’s next?  
We encourage you, our valued customers, to have a voice in the next phase of SL1 certification and training. Complete your certifications, available now, and then help shape the future by filling out the post-training survey and/or leaving a comment on this blog post.  

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