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23 days ago

Welcome to the Nexus Community – Customer Enablement and Programs Blog

At ScienceLogic we believe that the success of our customers is critical. We want you to have the resources to learn about, implement and successfully utilize our products.

This blog is a great place to learn more about updates to our training portal, enablement resources and customer programs. When we make updates or offer new programs, we want you to know but also share feedback and ideas so we can partner with you to provide the best possible experience.

Our Bloggers

Will Armstrong- VP Global Enablement

Will is the VP of Global Enablement at ScienceLogic and is here to drive enablement on all things ScienceLogic. He and his team are dedicated to helping you engage, grow, mature and passionately share about the goodness that is SL1.

Jennifer DaSilva, Sr Technical Designer, Global Enablement

Jennifer DaSilva is a Senior Technical Instructional Designer at ScienceLogic, and is the lead designer for ScienceLogic's certification program. She has 10 years of experience as a technical trainer and UX designer for the tech and airline industries.

Jennifer Benoit, Sr Manager Instructional Design, Global Enablement 

Jennifer Benoit is a Senior Manager on ScienceLogic's Global Enablement team. She has extensive experience as an instructional designer, educator, and leader for corporate technical training and learning strategy.

Dave Westin- Technical Enablement Lead

David is a Global Enablement Tech Lead and an 8-year veteran of ScienceLogic and many more years of industry experience. His expertise revolves around AIOps, focusing on operational maturity and how Run Book Automations can help reduce MTTR and increase Mean Time Between Service Interruption.

Kyra Ecker- Director of Customer Advocacy 

Kyra leads Customer Advocacy at ScienceLogic and is responsible for customer marketing advocacy and engagement. Kyra brings over 20 years marketing experience from previous enterprise software companies like PeopleSoft, Oracle, Taleo, and Rimini Street. Her charter includes creating a consistent experience throughout the customer’s journey with ScienceLogic and encouraging voice of customer presence in all things ScienceLogic.

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