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Be the Operations Superstar with the Hollywood/OL8 Upgrade Guide

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21 days ago

Hollywood- the latest release of ScienceLogic SL1- isn’t simply another extension with powerful new features. It’s a breakthrough upgrade for existing customers, incorporating hundreds of user suggestions and major platform enhancements. It delivers enhanced performance, new unified user interfaces, enhanced automation, and cutting-edge security features to name but a few.

But Hollywood (v12.1) goes even further, enabling a new monthly feature upgrade framework. With this upgrade, keeping your SL1 platform up-to-date with the latest capabilities and fixes will be easier than ever. Hollywood is another example of ScienceLogic’s vision to help your team achieve truly optimized human-hybrid IT operations- Autonomic IT

ScienceLogic Support has released a series of support guides and how-to videos to walk you through your upgrade to Hollywood.

First, we’ve included a new step-by-step upgrade video in the Nexus Resource Center. The video includes an overview with prerequisites, a step-by-step outline, and a live demonstration of the upgrade process. 






Second, the 12.1 OL8 upgrade resource center in the Support Portal provides complete details and full upgrade documentation. And for SaaS-hosted customers, upgrading to Hollywood is even easier. Simply open an upgrade ticket in the Support Center, and our experts will take care of it for you.

Unlock the full potential of your IT operations with ScienceLogic SL1 Hollywood 12.1. Upgrade today and join the revolution in intelligent IT operations management!

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