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Harden the SL1 Platform with Oracle Linux 8 (OL8)

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15 days ago

In the upcoming ScienceLogic PowerHour we are covering the ‘Harden the Foundation’ of SL1 topic and why you should upgrade from existing Oracle Linux 7 (OL7) to the new Oracle Linux 8 ((OL8) platform. The virtual appliance format that SL1 utilizes allows us to harden the core with OL8 to improve platform security, scalability, and application performance. This session will share the value of that migration with your teams along with details that can be utilized in your internal conversations about the upgrade process.

One of the most important aspects of the upgrade is Enhanced Security with OL8; which will enable SL1 users to support advanced security features. For instance: dedicated OL8 STIG builds with FIPS 140-2, TLS 1.3. Additionally, Package Application Streams DNF YUM Package Manager and Faster SL1 System Updates.

Another major reason to join the PowerHour is the SL1 application improvements. With Increased Processing Speed of the Database, I/O Performance (Open 7K Business Svcs in 10sec) and, Large SQL queries which will enable the platform to have a roughly 30% faster query response.

Join us for the May 22nd PowerHour and learn about all the options and value in the newest upgrades from ScienceLogic.

To learn more about the conversion process please visit the Conversion Resource Center.


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  • Another significant benefit beyond the enhanced security is a materially faster User Interface experience.  Here are just a few of the benchmark tests we have conducted that will benefit your user experiences.  Super excited to work with our customers to realize all the benefits of this platform upgrade!