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Spicing up Maps by Adding Images in SL1 (AP2)

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2 months ago

Adding new images to a map as a background graphic is a powerful feature of SL1 maps but getting it right can be tricky. Showing a background image of a location, datacenter rack, or a company logo with active SL1 devices provides a better user experience and understanding of those devices in addition to their current health status and relationships.  

The first three steps in adding images to maps are: 

  • Selecting devices via query 
  • Adjusting initial depth of relationships 
  • Naming the map 

Once those basic steps are complete you have an active map! To add a background image or multiple images, the next step is to load them into SL1. Start this process in ‘Edit’ mode from within the current map by selecting ‘Settings’ indicated by the cog wheel in the upper right corner then select the ‘Edit’ icon as shown below. 



The ‘Edit’ function for images will default to ‘Rectangle.’ Next, using the drop down, select ‘Image.’ Then, use the button for ‘Add Shape’ and a variety of graphic images will be available for selection accompanied by a search capability. Depending on your resolution or browser you may need to scroll to the right to find the elusive ‘Add Image’ feature to upload custom images. You can add a new image from your local workstation either by browsing or drag and drop as prompted. The image must fit the following criteria: 

  • Be SVG, JPEG, or PNG format 
  • Be less than 7MB 
  • No animation 

Once the image is uploaded, it is available to select from the same screen and add to the map. While in the ‘Edit’ function, the newly imported shape/image can be resized. To get things just right proportionally in relation to the devices, you may need to select ‘Map’ above the ‘Edit’ icon in ‘Settings’ and scroll in or out to resize the devices for the map. This can require an element of patience, but the result will be well worth it.  

Pro Tip: make sure the queried nodes in the map can be fixed in place over the image. Do this by selecting ‘Map’ and ensure the slider for ‘Fixed Current Nodes In Place’ is ‘On.’ 

With the nodes fixed and proportion of node to image sizing is as desired, save the map! The resulting map is now available as a ‘Map’ and as a dashboard map element. A more advanced use of the feature with multiple images and nodes is illustrated below. 


Using this feature within SL1 is an excellent way to spice up location maps, datacenter maps, and other examples where single or multiple background images add valuable context to a map. Features for maps in addition to those above can be referenced in our Changing the Appearance of a Map documentation.  

Published 2 months ago
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