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2 months ago

How can the next device ID to be allocated be changed in SL1?

Our automated SL1/PowerFlow testing process involves creating new devices in SL1.

We regularly clone ITSM/CMDB envs into the test environment and the issue is these envs have SL1 device IDs far in advance of the test SL1. This causes test breakage when creating a new SL1 device because some other device is more likely already in existence in the ITSM/CMDB.

If the device ID difference range was only small then repeated dummy device creations works a treat but when the difference is in the thousands, this technique is not very useful.

Is it possible to change the "next" device ID SL1 uses to create a new device? We would then be able to bring the test SL1 device ID into alignment with the cloned ITSM/CMDB. How can the device ID bump be performed programatically as ideally the entire ITSM/CMDB cloning process should be automated.

Thanks, Michael

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    Hi Michael,

    We use multiple stacks, and have had to change the Device ID numbers in order to integrate through to other systems where we needed to make the ID unique.

    We do this immediately on creating a new stack by discovering one device, and then setting its Device ID outside of any range we ever expect another stack to get to:
       update master_dev.legend_device set id=300000000 where id=1;

    From that point on, any device discovered increments up from that ID number.

    Obviously I offer this information with no guarantees it'll work for your scenario :-)


  • I do not know if it suits in your use case, but we are excluding most of those actual CI device classes when cloning the ITSM/CMDB database, that way actual CMDB for SL1 devices stays in correct shape in each ITSM stack.