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21 days ago

Need to send events from SL1 to Google Chronicle

Two SL1 API's ,   Devices  and  Events wants to integrate with google chronicle. How this can be done. Any suggestions please.  Is there any authentication required with token or how this works.

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    Does Google Chronicle accept traps? You could send a trap to it containing the alert information from a run book process

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    I have escalated this thread to an internal Subject Matter Expert (SME). He is out of the office this week so checking if anyone else can assist. Thank you for your patience. BryanHarding 

  • Have you had a chance to look at our API documentation?

    If the endpoint you want this data to end up in has the ability to make an API call and fetch data from SL1, I suspect that data should be retrievable. If the data needs to be pushed, perhaps that's a use case for PowerFlow to set up an automated data sync.