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Orchestration Tasks in Sl1

Hi All,

I would like do some orchestration task from Sl1. Eg: I have a webserver A where if the  File system reaches above 95%  we used to get an alert from SL .  With the  help of RBA i need to trigger a task saying that if the alert is trigger from websever A , just shutdown the server Apache.


There is any OOB method to do this ? Or we need to write the script to trigger ? 

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  • Hello Isaac,

    The following are the available run book actions possible out of the box:

    • Send an Email Notification. Sends an Email message. You can specify the content of the message and the EM7 users to whom it will be sent.
    • Send an SNMP Trap. Sends an unsolicited SNMP message to an external system, optionally using the ScienceLogic MIB files and predefined variables.
    • Create a New Ticket. Creates a new ticket, using the Ticket Templates defined in EM7.
    • Send an SNMP Set. Writes a value to an SNMP variable on an external device. For distributed systems, an SNMP Set can be sent from the Database Server or the Data Collector.
    • Execute an SQL Query. Either retrieve values from an external database or write a value to an external database. For distributed systems, the query can be sent from the Database Server or a Data Collector.
    • Update an Existing Ticket. Updates an existing ticket. The action can add notes, change the severity, and change the status of the ticket.
    • Run a Snippet. Executes a snippet. A snippet is a custom program, written in Python. For distributed systems, the snippet can be executed from the Database Server or a Data Collector.
    • Send AWS SNS. Sends an SNS Message to a Topic ARN (Amazon Resouce Name). All subscribers to the Topic ARN will receive the message.
    • Custom Action Type. Executes a reusable snippet. Unlike the Action Type "Snippet", a Custom Action Type can accept input parameters (in a JSON format) and create output (in a JSON format). A Custom Action Type allows a single Run Book Action to be used in multiple instances, each time with different inputs and different outputs. A Custom Action Type is associated with an Execution Environment. An Execution Environment contains the supporting modules and code (ScienceLogic Libraries) required by the Custom Action Type. ScienceLogic Libraries allow snippet developers to isolate the “heavy weight”, re-usable code and write “light weight” snippets that call the ScienceLogic Libraries.

    At the moment, we do not have an action type that will remotely log into a device and run a command that will stop a service, for example. However, this may be possible with a snippet code that triggers a script that performs this action from the data collector. To answer your question directly, what you are proposing is possible, but will require a custom solution to implement.

    Antonio Andres

    Senior Technical Support Engineer | ScienceLogic

  • Hello Isaac,

    can you expand on your question? Is this linux or Windows? Do you have access to the Linux or windows automations? You can look in powerpacks, or RBA actions, or go to the support page and attempt to download the PPs in question. Check your python execution environment - 3.6 is our preferred approach.

    You will want to consider an enhancement automation that helps you determine what files are composing the Utilization level you referenced and whether a simple move or zip action can help reduce the filesystem level to keep you from needing to stop a running service.

    But if you chose to build an RBA Policy to stop the process, maybe first start with a check the filesystem, then update a ticket, then perhaps slack or notify a support engineer about the Utilization level, then stack your automations to take these steps. I always guide to practice in lab and launch automations from user initiated Only first while you learn the building process. You maybe can also modify the existing automations for process/service status check.

    If you havent seen the PowerHour for RBA - Automations that we did recently - then search for that pwoerhour and see if that helps as you attempt to build for this issue. 

  • Hello and thank you for your question, I have escalated this internally and the team is working on a response for you. Best Regards, Sara