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Nexus- ScienceLogic Community Member Guidelines


The Nexus- ScienceLogic Community is an online portal experience where you can collaborate with other customers, partners, experts and employees regarding ScienceLogic products and industry best practices. It’s a great opportunity to get to know others and share ideas to be more successful with our products.

We are an inclusive and supportive community and welcome all to become members and participate. Here are some best practices to help guide you.

  • Be professional and respectful of others. We ask members to always be courteous and polite to each other. 
  • Share your knowledge with others. You may be an expert or brand new to ScienceLogic products. All community members can learn from each other.
  • Mark correct answers, give credit and thank members who helped you.
  • Be responsive and positive when other members ask a question.

Member Participation

  1. Register and sign in to the community to fully participate.
  2. By actively participating in discussion topics, user groups and contributing other content to the Community, you impact the direction and quality of the experience for all members. 
  3. Fill in the details available in your user profile, such as your avatar photo, screen name, and title. Although we understand that not all our members would like to provide their full names or share their photos, we do encourage you to represent yourself authentically.
  4. Use the right support channel for your issue. If you are an existing customer and need to open an urgent case or would like to receive an official response from ScienceLogic, please open a case by navigating to the Support Website.  
  5. The Nexus ScienceLogic Community topics and user groups are not an official support channel. This is a place to search for and get help from other community members. Members who help others in the forums do so on their own time and to the best of their knowledge.

Unacceptable Behavior

All members should always adhere to the following rules and the Terms of Use (“Terms”). Failure to comply with these rules and the Terms may lead to content removal and, in some cases, user deletion.

  1. Spam – Our team may remove irrelevant or inappropriate messages posted in one or multiple topics. Following the deletion of spammed content and/or users, no further action will be sent.
  2. Copyright Infringement – Do no copy and paste content without getting permission and giving proper attribution when required.
  3. Discriminatory Language - Posts including offensive content, harassment, or defamation will not be tolerated and will be removed.
  4. Marketing or Advertising Solicitations - Marketing your company or products is prohibited.
  5. Personal and Customer Privacy - Do not publish personally identifying, private, or confidential information (for example, email address, phone number, company confidential data, case ID’s, or any other sensitive information). Our moderators will edit this information if they see it, but we are not responsible for ensuring that all such information is removed. 
  6. Impersonation - pretending to be another person for entertainment or fraud prohibited.


Spam is any content that is not pertinent or helpful to the community or its members.

It comes in many forms including posting content that has information or links to external sites that are not topically appropriate and/or messages that are unwanted or off topic. It’s also distracting for our members.

Flagging Spam

Community moderators and members can mark content as spam or abusive.

Our spam quarantine is reviewed multiple times a day during the work week.

If you believe you have identified spam in the community, please alert your Community Management team by clicking the “report” button located on the three-dot option menu.

The “Report Content” window allows you to give additional information to our moderation team regarding the content in question.


We have a three-step moderation policy.

  • 1st report: Member receives a warning.
  • 2nd report: Member receives a warning and a notice that the account could be suspended if behavior continues.
  • 3rd report: Member receives a warning and the account is temporarily suspended.


ScienceLogic Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Your use of and access to the Community is governed by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.  If there is a discrepancy between what is stated in these Community Guidelines and the Terms of Use, the Terms of Use take precedence.  You may review the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by clicking below:

If you have questions about any of the guidelines, or want to report violations, email our Community Team at:


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