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Nexus Community Tip: Community Do’s and Dont’s

Guidance on behaviors that help benefit members and the community. Our goal is to help you get answers, learn and collaborate with others. We find that this outline offers assistance to new membes. 


  • Be professional and respectful; it helps build trust.
  • Answer questions to the best of your ability.
  • Ask for more information if needed to give an honest answer.
  • Share your knowledge but be succinct and to the point.
  • Welcome new members! You can tell who they are by their community rank.
  • Be kind, inclusive and patient. Please remember that members have differing levels of experience and may not be native English language speakers.
  • Practice humility: arrogance slows progress.
  • Always try your best to stay on topic.
  • Have fun and be authentic!
  • Create your own brand.
  • Report spam or inappropriate content.
  • Always abide by the Community Guidelines.
  • Participate in healthy brainstorming conversations, just be respectful even when you disagree.
  • If in doubt- contact the community manager


  • Be disrespectful or rude to any member at any time.
  • Post or attach any information that shares private information, about yourself, others, or a company.
  • Post content that infringes on intellectual property, privacy or other rights of yours, your employers or third parties.
  • Post negative content regarding ScienceLogic, other community members, other companies, or our partners.
  • Be hesitant to share your questions or ideas- all participation is valuable.
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