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Nexus Community Tip: Managing Follows and Notifications

Nexus Community Members can easily manage community related alerts to make sure you receive updates for content which is most important to you. This is particularly important if you are asking questions or collaborating with other members.  

Here is how to manage this functionality.

  • Log-In to the Nexus Community
  • Select ‘My Settings’ from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the page
  • Select the ‘Follows & Notifications’ Tab



  • The ‘Follows’ list shows all of the content you have selected to receive alerts for in the community.
  • You can choose to ‘Unfollow’ any content by selecting the Ellipsis (3 dots) to the right side of each piece of content and clicking on ‘Unfollow’.




This area allows you to opt-in or opt-out of ALL Nexus Community Notifications. You can also select the types of alerts you would like to receive and the frequency.

**Please note that if you opt-out of all notifications you won’t know if people respond to a question, you posted or @mention you.


Advanced Settings

Allows you to follow ‘newer’ content or all content in different areas.



Published 28 days ago
Version 1.0

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