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Nexus Community Tip: Tagging, Why it’s Important and How to Use

Tags are keywords used to describe your content, topic or theme.

Tagging your content helps you and the larger community through categorization and improving the member search experience along with overall SEO (search engine optimization). The assumption is that members will search on certain terms to find the right content to help them. Whether it’s a discussion, resource, blog post etc. using appropriate tags will display all content types with that tag included and provide a broader set of information for people looking to solve a problem or learn about something new.

You can select preset tags and/or create freeform tags.

Select a Preset Tag

Preset Tags are created by the community team and are available based on area, product or content type.  They tend to align with product or broader content categories and are beneficial as they are used to help measure activity levels and help group your content along with other similar posts.

Most members prefer to select Preset Tags and then create their own when applicable to present more granular differentiation or if an important tag is not already available.


Preset [Product Name] Preset [Functionality] FreeForm [Feature, Issue, unofficial term]

Preset [SL1] Preset [Powerflow] FreeForm [Monitoring]

Here’s How to Apply Tags

  • Start a Discussion
  • Enter title and body/text
  • Under Tags: Select any boxes which you think apply to your content.
  • Add a Tag: Enter your desired tag


Please follow these best practices when creating new tags:

  • Don’t misspell terms
  • Use industry specific terms where possible
  • AVOID acronyms unless they are an industry norm
  • User singular when possible
  • Add two or more terms with an underscore _
  • Avoid using general terms which would not add value to the search experience but limit results when not included such as: the, a, it, or etc. -you get the point here.
  • Remember we service a global audience so tags in other languages or with special characters may not translate correctly.

Let us know if you would like us to add any specific tags to the preset list.

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