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Nexus Community Tip: Best Practices for Posting Questions

Typically, when a member posts a question there is a sense of urgency which means this person wants to solve a problem or needs help and guidance with something. Getting responses more quickly helps resolve the issue and move forward.  

Here are some best practices posting questions that get answers more quickly. 


Make sure you post in the correct community area.

We deliberately launched the Nexus Community with limited discussion forums to build momentum and not segregate our customers and experts any more than necessary. 



Select from the pre-generated forum tags to ensure the correct search and filtering experience. In most cases you can also add your own tags, be sure to avoid misspellings or typos. Tags also help us understand which topics are more important to our customers.  

SL1 Forum 

Restorepoint Forum 

Community Information Forum 


Keep your title simple and ‘scannable’ include the product name and feature and issue/problem. The goal is to stand out in content feeds for the correct experts to see the product area and what you need and feel like they may be able to help get you to the right answer.  

Good Examples 

SLI Powerflow Integration error message 
Restorepoint can’t connect to the device using the specified protocol 
Nexus Community how do I update my avatar?  


Putting too much in the title or missing any of these key components 
Saying 'HELP' and not explaining the problem 


Include as much supporting evidence as possible to make it easy for experts to understand the issue and help triage as quickly as possible. More information reduces back and forth posts and helps get a faster resolution:  


Error Messages 


Include any confidential or trademarked information  
Omit supporting information  
Add multiple issues into one question this complicates the experience for everyone 

Remember that others are taking time out of their day to help solve YOUR problem so do your due diligence to provide accurate information.  


If an expert, peer or ScienceLogic employee has contributed to content in the past and you think they are interested or may have good feedback you can @mention their userid/screen name to get their attention.  

Thank Community Members for responding 

Remember to be gracious and thank others for helping you. They are also more likely to help you in the future.  

Mark Correct Answers as the ‘Solution’  

Mark the correct answer as the ‘Solution’ as it helps other members who may have a similar issue and the system also assigns points to the person who helped solve your problem.   

Have other tips for good Questions & Answers (Q&A) - feel free to share them here for the rest of the Nexus Community.  


Sara Leslie- Community Manager 

Updated 22 days ago
Version 5.0

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